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Understanding Of The Three Major Errors In PU Foam Board
Apr 28, 2017

Understanding of the three major errors in PU foam board

see flame retardant

Pu foam board for the inspection of flame retardant, many people will use the fire, to see whether it can burn up, that is not fire. In fact, this is a common mistake, the state of the Pu foam board fire rating requirements to reach the level of Bf1-t0 standards, according to national standards for non combustible materials as a fire. Class Bf1-t0 flame retardant technology including the standard diameter of 10 mm is cotton, dipped in alcohol, burning natural placed on the Pu board, Pu board to cotton, measuring the diameter of the burn marks, such as less than 60 mm, consistent with the standard flame retardant.

look at environmental protection

Pu is the material itself does not contain formaldehyde, in the production process does not allow the use of formaldehyde, some advanced Pu foam board will adopt a new calcium carbonate raw materials, just made products, although some light flavor, but will not give people physical harm, as long as after a period of time, it will dispersed.

see wear resistance

Some people ask about the use of Pu foam board life and wear resistance, and easily come up with knives or keys and other weapons, in the surface of the Pu board to scratch, that there are scratches on behalf of non wear. In fact, the state of the Pu plate wear resistance test is not simply with a sharp weapon on the surface, but by the national testing agency specifically measured.