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The Use Of Foam Guns
Apr 13, 2018

1. Before use: shake the tank up and down for 1 minute.

2. Turn the tank into the adapter (not too tight!)

3. When the injector starts to work, press down the plate machine and let the foam flow for 10 seconds. The foam fills the extension tube. Remove residual air.

Fix the needle to the nozzle.

5. When the flow control device is new, the syringe should be kept upright.

6. The foam output is adjusted by the board machine and the screw is controlled by the flow adjustment screw. If the screw is screwed tightly, the syringe machine is locked and do not turn over three times to loosen the adjusting screw.

7. Try to shake the new can and remove the empty can. Quickly (within one minute) install a new structural foam tank.

8. The tank must be changed quickly to prevent the foam from hardening in the adaptor.

9. Replace the needle that makes the hardened foam lump when necessary.

10. Remove the tank quickly while cleaning the foam gun. Invert the cleaning agent to the foam gun adaptor.

11. The foam residues in the front mouth of the foaming gun are removed using this pie or similar material. Use a metal brush or knife to clear out the long tube.