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The Methods And Steps For The Use Of The Gun Polyurethane Foam Filling Agent:
Dec 16, 2017

1.take a polyurethane foam gun, clean with polyurethane detergent to ensure smooth.

2. and then take a bottle of foaming agent, hand hold tank body along the transverse direction of the tank body forced at least 20 jolt, make sure that the tank prepolymer mixing;

3. remove the protective cover on the valve threads of foaming agent, cleaning agent and foaming gun, the foaming agent can body along the thread onto the foam gun on the interface;

4. hold the foamed gunner to ensure that the tank is placed above, and the foam gun is under the material tank, and the flow regulating valve in the back of the foaming gun is open;

5. gun head is aimed at the bottom or interior of the parts to be filled, and the trigger is gently buckled to start the construction.It can be adjusted to appropriate flow through the flow mediation valve behind the foaming gun.

6. jars of spray, if filling, take off the empty tank immediately, reinstall the foaming agent according to the method of the third point.Inherit the construction.

7. after the completion of the construction, take the unloading tank in time and change the special cleaning agent to clean the foam gun.Lest the residual material solidify and clog and destroy the foaming gun.

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