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How To Thoroughly Clean The Foam Gun
Jun 17, 2017

How to thoroughly clean the foam gun

We are often in the construction of the use of foam sealant engineering staff, the foaming agent gun is a very useful tool, use it to fill the seam, easy to operate, the amount of sealant control freely, to avoid the foam The process of a lot of waste.

But in use, the cleaning of the foaming agent gun is an indispensable step, many friends have this experience, if not timely cleaning foam gun, then the foaming agent gun is easy to be partially or completely blocked, resulting in Sealing agent can not play or bad control, so, things are more trouble, and only the gun opened slowly to take care, time-consuming and laborious. The worst case, the foaming agent gun is only laid off in advance.

How should we clean the foaming agent?

Look at our usual practice:

First take the gun-type foaming agent from the top of the gun to take off, and then use the cleaning agent to clean the interface, and then through the interface to install the bottle cleaning agent up, followed by a few times to trigger a few times the trigger jet cleaning agent until the muzzle spray liquid almost There is no color, and remove the cleaning agent, so far, even the end of the cleaning process.

Is this completely clean?

The truth tells us that this is not the case. I believe that many of my friends have such a confusion, obviously each time after the use of foam guns have done a clean, but a new gun can not take several times, there are different degrees of congestion, and even affect the quality of construction and Progress, it can only show that our cleaning is not thorough enough.

Where is the problem?

We know that during the use of the foaming agent gun, the caulking agent will continue to be deposited in the chamber and, over time, become hardened and "strong" attached to the wall, with such stubborn, A few seconds or dozens of seconds of the rinse, can only be hurt the fur, did not touch to the fundamental, a considerable part of the sealant, as "nail households", still "Lai" in the gun.

Here, I believe that many of my friends have to solve the foaming agent gun in the residual sealant method, and these "hateful guy" bubble in the cleaning agent is not on it, yes, that is what we want to talk thoroughly Tips for cleaning foaming agent guns:

After installing the bottled detergent, lift the trigger several times to clean most of the caulking agent in the chamber and allow the cleaning agent to infiltrate the gun for a while (how long is it from the manufacturer's authority Say, five or six minutes absolutely get), and finally, and then pull a few times the trigger, the guns in the residual sealant washed clean, so that the foaming agent gun to clean a very thorough.

 With this little trick, we may wish to try, we believe that it will give you in the construction process to bring convenience!

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