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The Basic Problems And Solutions Of Foaming Gun
Nov 25, 2017


1.Blowing agent gun is broken, how to run out of surplus?

Foaming agents have cleaning agents. Otherwise, the gun will be wasted later. Just use cleaning agent.

2.The foaming agent is not used up, can not be unloaded from the gun?

If you want to use it in the short term, it is not recommended to unload it. As long as the gun is well sealed, just close the gun valve. It is recommended to finish one bottle at one time.


3.How do the gun foam plugging

Gun plug is because blowing agent after cleaning, curing blocked, can not be removed, the plug is not serious, but also can be used together, but basically can not take long, change it, later remember to clean with a detergent in time

4.How to clean foam gun

Washed with dichloromethane, or washed with environmentally friendly solvents, very good wash

5.How to use foaming agent without gun

A method of foaming agent with guns, another method is to use the pipe, can go to sell a styrofoam place to install, you can use, don't know if I can help you.

6.How to clean the foaming gun for a long time is useless

There are special cleaning agents, TB is sold. Can go and see

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