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Small Polyurethane Foam Gun Introduction:
Sep 15, 2017

Uses: Door and window installation: doors and windows and the gap between the wall. Seal. Fixed bonding.

Waterproof plugging: water pipe. Sewer and other loopholes in the repair plugging.

Insulation filling: cold storage, air conditioning around the filling insulation.

Daily maintenance: gap. Wall tiles. Floor tiles. Flooring.

Sound insulation muffler: conference room. Language room and other decoration when the gap to fill. Sound insulation is good.

Packaging transport: can be easily fragile valuables wrapped. Seismic pressure.

How to use: Before construction, should remove the construction surface of the oil and dust, and spray a small amount of water in the construction surface.

Before use, the caulk cans are shaken for at least 60 seconds to ensure that the contents of the tank are even.

If the use of gun-type sealant, the use of the tank will be inverted with the gun thread connection, turn open the flow valve, adjust the flow and then spray.

If the use of tubular sealing agent, the plastic nozzle screw on the valve thread, the plastic pipe at the gap, press the nozzle can be sprayed.

Attention to travel speed jet, usually the amount of injection to the required volume of half of the volume can be. Fill the vertical gap should be from bottom to top; fill the gap on the ceiling, due to the role of gravity, the uncured foam may fall, it is recommended just after the appropriate support, until the foam curing and with the wall after bonding And then evacuation support.

10 minutes or so, the foam debonding, 60 minutes after the cut.

Cut the excess foam with a knife and then apply it to the surface with cement mortar, paint or silicone.

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