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PU Spray Foam General Purpose PU Foam Sealant - Gun/Straw Type
Apr 28, 2017

PU Spray Foam General Purpose PU Foam Sealant - Gun/Straw Type

Essential information

Water solubility

Material: polyurethane foam

Polyurethane elastomer

Accelerator component: curing agent

Color: white

OEM: available

Origin: China

Adhesive function: filling gap

Application: construction, carpentry, packaging

Category: room temperature curing

Features: weather resistance

Ingredients: organic materials

Polyurethane foam sealant

Shelf life: 12 months

Application: Construction

Specifications: 300ml, 500ml, 600ml, seven hundred and fifty ml can size

HS Code: 32141090

Product description

PU spray foam polyurethane foam sealant / gun type


Multipurpose expanded polyurethane foam sealant is a single component, self expansion, use of polyurethane foam, the foam will expand with moisture in the air curing. It is used for a wide range of buildings. It is filling and excellent installation capacity is very good sealing, high heat insulation and sound insulation than ordinary PU. High foaming rate.


1, can be around 70 meters (30mm * 15mm)

2, each window or door the most cost-effective.

3, no shrinkage cracking after curing.

4, better adhesion and hard.


1, adhesive installation.

2, door and window frame installation and insulation

3, the gap, joints, openings and holes filling and sealing.

4, insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation.

5, the use of packaging, packaging fragile goods, anti vibration, anti pressure


300ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ML four sizes

12cans per carton

Straw gun type

Total weight required from 300g to 1050g

Stroreage and shelf life

# unopened + temperature between 5 and 186 of the packaging and storage for 12 months; C + 25 and 186 #; C, cool, shade and well ventilated place.

Always keep the tank and valve pointing upward.

Construction guide

1, before shaking can force 1 minutes

2. Clean and wet the surface before use

3. The feed tank adapter so that the flow adjustment knob counter clockwise

4 fill the vertical joint from the bottom when the half filled enough

5 the foam begins to solidify for about ten minutes, waiting for an hour, and then do the next step.

6, with a knife to clean the solidified foam, with cement or silica gel surface treatment.

technical data

Polyurethane moisture curing system

Surface curing time 5 ~ 10min

Full curing time

Output 50times

Stability and # 8804; 5

Density kg / m3 11.5

Foam working temperature is 30 ~ 80 # 186; C

Color white

Flame retardant grade B3

Thermal conductivity W/ (m.K) 0.043

Shear strength (kPa) 80

The above data is 23 and 186 # temperature based on C water; 50%.