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Pu Foam Gun - Doors And Windows Installation Knowledge And Material?
Nov 04, 2017

1. According to the material, the commonly used doors and windows on the market are mainly four kinds, wooden windows, aluminum windows, plastic windows, aluminum windows. Plastic windows because of its energy-saving bad security, safety and durability, cost-effective and booming advantages, especially in the civil construction market is widely used. Windows and doors to install the main points: The installation of doors and windows on the overall performance of the great impact on the windows and doors, the installation must be all the force acting on the doors and windows to the wall and avoid the wrong way to damage doors and windows and buildings.

2. Installation of tools and materials Main tools: electric drill, nail gun, power box, silicone guns, foam gun lofting tools: pen, theodolite, wire hammer, ink fountain, Hammer, screw, expansion tube, expansion bolt, wedge, pad and other elastic insulation materials: PU foam, mineral wool, cold blankets, linen, etc. Sealing material: Neutral silicone, sealing tape Safety tools: Seat belts, helmets and other tools: the word ladder, bar stools, springboard, hemp rope.

3. Doors and windows and the size of the hole Check review: before installation should be based on the design drawings to check the varieties of doors and windows meet the requirements; openings should be horizontal and vertical, the width and height of the hole size tolerances should be consistent with state regulations.

4. Hole release: According to the horizontal elevation of the wall, measure the hole horizontal baseline, the hole horizontal middle line, the vertical centerline of the hole, in order to determine the installation position of doors and windows.

5. Door and window fixed: According to the specific structure of the wall and material and requirements, the choice of suitable fasteners and fixed way. Fixed film thickness should be not less than 1.5mm, the width should not be less than 20mm, the material should be Q235-A cold-rolled steel, the surface should be galvanized. Using one-way fixed cross-section inside and outside the plate to install double-sided fixed. For the brick wall, the use of nailing is prohibited, because of the nail easily broken brick body, the loss of fixed effect. Install expansion bolts, expansion bolts installed between the window frame and the wall pad required to pad the pad to prevent the expansion bolts caused by partial bending frame deformation. Fasteners fixed point lateral distance of about 700mm, vertical about 150mm, the spacing of not more than 700mm, away from Zhongwan and beam block head about 150mm. In addition to the usual fixed points, the door also requires an additional fixed point for the hinge and the locker to effectively pass the impact force through the fixed point to the wall when the door is opened and closed. Put the window frame into the hole and align the horizontal and vertical of the window frame with the horizontal ruler and hanging wire. The window frame and the hole in the hole correspond to the position of the glass pad. The pad or wedge will transfer the window weight to the wall, connect the wall with the fastener and keep it in the installation seam.

6. Filling foaming agent: the cavity between the window and the wall filled with flexible material PU foam agent, to avoid the use of cement mortar and putty caulking. Cut off excess foam blowing agent, the inside and outside the surface brushing polymer waterproof mortar twice after plastering.

7. plastering sealing: the outer edge of the window frame with waterproof mortar plaster, with a diameter of 5mm foam stick will plaster layer temporary separation with the window frame, to be plastering solidification, remove the foam stick to form a 5mm groove, the seal Plastic injection, colloidal filling should be straight full, smooth surface, uniform, beautiful.

8. Cleaning and Commissioning: Installation of glass, debugging hardware accessories to ensure that the door and window switch flexible, closed and effective. Finally, tear off the doors and windows protective film cleaning doors and windows, glass surface, cleaning clean the installation site.

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