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Polyurethane Foaming Agent Used
Feb 18, 2017

Before the construction, should remove the surface grease and dust, spray a little water on the surface and in construction. Before use, shake for at least 60 seconds of polyurethane foaming agent tank, ensure that the tank material evenly. If they are gun-type polyurethane foaming agent, turn the tank upside down and spray gun when using thread connections, turn flow control valves, regulating the flow of a Jet. If the tube made of polyurethane foam, plastic | tests | nozzle screw on valve threads, pipe alignment slot, press the nozzle to spray. Pay attention when the Jet speed, usually injection quantity required to fill half of the volume. Fill vertical gap should be from the bottom up; fills, such as when the cracks in the ceiling, due to the effect of gravity, uncured foam might fall, it is recommended that proper support just after filling, curing and sewn wall foam bond after the withdrawal of support. 10 minutes, more or less, foam bonding, cutting can be carried out after 60 minutes.