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Polyurethane Foaming Agent Security Considerations
Feb 18, 2017

Uncured foam sticky skin and clothes, do not touch the skin and clothing when using. Polyurethane foam tank 5-6kg/cm2 (25 ℃) pressure, storage and temperature should not exceed 50 ° c during transport in case of tank explosion.  Polyurethane foaming agent tank should avoid direct sunlight, no kids, empty tank after use, especially use but have not yet run out of polyurethane foaming agent tank should not be thrown, no burning or piercing cans.  Away from open flame, do not come into contact with inflammable and explosive materials. The construction site should have ventilation, construction workers in construction should be wearing gloves, overalls and goggles, and don't smoke. If bubbles touch the eyes, please rinse with water and then went to the hospital for treatment; if it touches the skin, you will need to wash with water and SOAP.