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Polyurethane Foam Caulking Agent Why Not Hit The Glue?
Jan 16, 2018

Polyurethane foam sealant generally can shake as long as can move out, playing finished, if there can shake but can not beat or not finish the situation, may have the following reasons:

1, the foaming gun is not assembled in place, the valve is not open, firmly tighten the foam gun, open the valve.

2, blister gun muzzle, adapter or barrel blocked. To be cleaned immediately, the detergent can be used to check whether it is unobstructed (unobstructed, the cleaning agent sprayed out is smooth and powerful); or directly replace the new foam gun.

3, foaming agent valve "knot valve" phenomenon, may be caused by a long time reversing. Can be the first tank to be removed, are put 5 minutes after the nail with a 4 * 30 into the valve, with a hammer gently tapping the nail, hear the sound immediately after the installation of the gun can be used, it is recommended to immediately run out . The best one-time run out of a can of products, and if indeed do not finish, the gun does not leak under the circumstances, you can not unload the gun, and adjust the screws behind the foam gun can be placed for a week; if the gun gas The density is not good, the material tank must be removed and the foam gun cleaned; the semi-tank product is treated as "junction valve" again when it is used again, but it is possible that the valve is not reset well and leaks and solidifies. Non-standard foam gun and foam agent may not match the system will lead to the valve can not open or can not be fully open, showing no polyurethane foam caulking agent or a polyurethane foam caulking pressure is not enough; cleaning agent If the solubility is not enough, it is difficult to clean the foaming gun and make the polyurethane sealant not smooth.

5, the temperature is too low caused by a slow gun or beat, you can put the jar into warm water for about five minutes to normal use.