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Key Features To Look For In A Polyurethane Foam Gun
Dec 15, 2018

Aside from the design of the polyurethane foam guns and the type of spray foam insulation applied, there are a few other key considerations when selecting these guns.

Accurate application. Some products, such as the GRACO Fusion line of spray foam guns, work well to create an accurate spray application. This creates less downtime and minimizes the need for repairs.

Cleaning methods matter. As noted, a reliable cleaning method is essential. Those spray foam guns using air blast technology tend to be the easiest to maintain long-term because the gun ensures all material is extracted when the trigger releases.

Simplistic mixing. Some of the spray guns have a fluid housing quick release design to them. This is ideal as it ensures the material can mix easily without any additional tools required. It helps automate this process.

With numerous makes and brands available, finding the right polyurethane foam gun can take some comparison shopping. 

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