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Instructions For The Use Of Small Polyurethane Foam Guns
Apr 13, 2018

Usage of small polyurethane foam guns:

1. Take a polyurethane foam gun and clean it with polyurethane cleaning agent;

2. Take a bottle of foaming agent, hold the center of the tank tightly with your hand, and shake at least 20 times along the transverse direction of the tank. Make sure that the prepolymer is fully mixed;

3. Remove the protective cover of the valve on the thread ring of the foaming agent, remove the cleaning agent on the foaming gun, and install the foaming agent tank to the interface of the foaming gun along the thread;

4. Squeeze the foaming gunner to make sure the tank is placed above, and the foam gun is below the material tank, opening the flow regulating valve at the rear of the foaming gun;

5. The gun is aimed at the bottom or inside of the filling part of the object, gently pull the trigger and begin construction. It can be adjusted to the appropriate flow through the flow mediation valve at the back of the foaming gun.

6. After a can of spray is finished, if you want to fill it, you can remove the empty tank immediately and reinstall the foaming agent according to the method of the first point, and continue the construction.

7. After the construction is completed, remove the material can, and replace with the special cleaning agent to clean the foam gun, so as to avoid the residual material solidification and blockage and destroy the foaming gun.