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How To Use Pneumatic Rubber Gun
Jan 06, 2018

The pneumatic glue gun provides convenience for our glue making, but in the process of using it, it causes premature damage to the rubber gun because of no attention. The correct way to use it is as follows:

  1. connection should not be greater than 145psi.

2. before the rubber gun is disassembled, the pressure pipe should be separated first.

3. the operation is smooth. After each construction, the solvent recommended by the sealant manufacturer is used to erase the residual sealant in the barrel.

4. during construction, the barrel plug should always closed front.

5. after the construction, please light the glue gun, carefully damage the front cover and the rear end muffler.

6. do not aim the gun at the person.

7. in the continuous working process, the glue gun will not stop working more than 5 minutes each time, otherwise, the glue should be glued to the end of the glue.

8. high pressure rubber hose must not be forced to squeeze, bend, to prevent the impact of the normal work of the glue gun.

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