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How To Use Foam Filler Safely
Jan 11, 2018

The use of polyurethane foam filler must know some safety instructions.

1, To prevent the packing and empty cans that pierce or burn the filling agent, the construction operation must keep away from the heat source and the fire source, so as to avoid the dangerous accidents.

2, in the process of preservation and transportation, we must strictly prohibit the naked fire. We must not be able to collide with each other and expose to strong sunlight. The temperature of the pot itself must not exceed forty-five degrees.

3, the tank can not be poured over and stored. In general, the tank itself has certain pressure. If the treatment is not good, there will be a danger of explosion. It is necessary to wear protective glasses and labor gloves when construction is done, and also have good ventilation.

4, if the bubble does not care about the eyes or the skin, it is necessary to clean the treatment immediately, if serious must go to see the doctor. The solidified foam can only be mechanically removed.

5, the foam filling material tank and empty tank must be placed in the place where the child is not enough to avoid the injury to the child and an accident. In conclusion, polyurethane foam sealant is a dangerous product which is flammable and explosive. It must be cautious when storing and using. It must be carried out strictly according to the regulations.

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