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How To Clean The Foaming Gun In The Project
Dec 29, 2017

For engineers who often use foam sealant in construction, foaming agent gun is a very good tool to use for filling joints, easy operation and free amount of filler, avoiding a lot of waste in foaming process.

But in use, the foaming agent gun cleaning is an indispensable step, many of my friends have such experience, if not timely cleaning gun, foaming agent, foaming agent gun can easily be partially or completely blocked, causing the sealant to play out or control is not good, so things are more trouble, only the gun slowly opened the care, time-consuming. In the worst case, the foaming agent was only laid off in advance.

So how do we clean the foaming gun?

Look at what we usually do:

The gun type foaming agent from above the gun down, and then use the cleaning agent interface, then the bottle cleaning agent installed through the interface, then pulled the trigger continuous several times until the muzzle jet cleaning agent, liquid hardly what color, remove the cleaning agent to the cleaning process, even if the end.

Is that thoroughly cleaned?

The facts tell us, that's not the case. I believe many of my friends also have this kind of confusion, they each used foaming agent gun do after cleaning, but a new gun in a few times, the total blockage in different degrees, and even affect the quality and progress of construction, this only shows that our cleaning is not thorough.

Where is the problem?

We know that in the process of using foaming agent gun, sealant will continue in the deposition chamber, with the passage of time, gradually hardening and strong adhesion on the pipe wall, in such a stubborn, wash a few seconds or tens of seconds, can only be hurt fur, do not touch fundamentally, a considerable part of the sealant, acts as the "nail households", still "Lai" in the chamber.

Speaking of which, I believe a lot of friends have the way to solve the residual sealant in the foaming agent gun. Can't these bubbles be cleaned in the cleaning agent? Yes, that's the trick of cleaning the foaming gun thoroughly.

After the bottle cleaning agent installed first, pulled several trigger, most of the cleaning chamber sealing agent, cleaning agent and then let the infiltration time in the chamber (long time specific, authoritative statement, from the manufacturers for five or six minutes, and finally, the absolute fix) pulled several times to trigger. The residual filling agent in gun washed clean, then foaming agent gun cleaning quite thoroughly.

With this little trick, we may try, we believe, it will give you the convenience of the construction process.

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