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How To Clean The Foam Gun In The Project
Apr 13, 2018

In the construction of engineers often use foam gap filling agent, foaming agent gun is a very good tool, use it for caulking, easy to operate, caulking agent control freely, avoided a lot of waste in the process of foaming.

But in the use of foaming agent gun cleaning is an indispensable step, a lot of friends have such experience, if not timely cleaning gun foaming agent, foaming agent gun is easy to be partially or completely blocked, causing caulking agent play not to come out or not good control, in that case, it is more trouble, only took apart the gun running slowly, and time consuming. In the worst case, the foamer gun is only laid off in advance.

So how do we clean the foaming gun?

Look at what we usually do:

Gun type foaming agent from the gun down first, and then clean with cleaner interface, then bottled detergent installed via interface, the continuous pull the trigger spray cleaner a few times, until there is little what color in the muzzle jet liquid, remove the detergent, at this point, if the end of the cleaning process.

So is it thoroughly cleaned?

The truth is, not so. Believe that a lot of friends have such confusion, oneself after each use foaming agent gun clearly do the cleaning, but a new gun in less than a few times, there are different levels of congestion, and even affect the construction quality and progress, this only shows that we didn't have enough clean thoroughly.

So what's the problem?

As we know, in the process of the use of foaming agent gun, caulking agent will continuously deposited in the gun barrel, and with the passage of time, gradually hardening and attached to the wall "strong", in such a stubborn, just a few seconds or a few seconds of washing, can be hurt fur, not touched the fundamental, quite a part of the gap filling agent, act as a "nail households", "lai" still in the gun barrel.

Here, I believe that a lot of friends have of foaming agent of residual caulking gun agent solution, the "hateful guy" in the cleaner to not to go, yes, this is we speak to thoroughly clean foaming agent gun tips:

Before put the bottles of cleaning up after installation, pull the trigger several times, most of the cleaning barrel filled seam an agent, and then let the cleaner in the gun barrel infiltrating a period of time (how long specific, from the authority of the manufacturer, the absolute fix) five or six minutes, finally, to pull the trigger several times, the residual in the gun barrel caulking agent washed very clean, so, foaming agent gun cleaning quite thoroughly.

With this little trick, you might as well try it, and we believe it will bring you convenience in the construction process!