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How The Polyurethane Foam Gun Works
Dec 15, 2018

Several applications are available. However, the spray foam gun’s job is to dispense the spray foam insulation and easily across the surface. To do this, it extracts or pulls material from the proportioning machine. The materials mix within the spray foam gun right before the application process. With the pull of a trigger, the contractor easily applies the material in a sweeping motion to the surface.

The Application of Spray Foam Insulation Offers Simple, but Effective Protection

Spray foam insulation is a highly desirable product. Available as open-cell and closed-cell, these products apply a high-density spray insulation without the complications of traditional materials. Designed for application in areas like attics and basement walls, open-cell spray foam insulation is a common product for interior use. Closed-cell foam offers a higher R-value per inch but is more rigid in its application.

With both open-cell and closed-cell spray foam options available for residential and commercial projects, contractors will need to use the proper gun for the task at hand. The spray foam insulation itself comes in large drums. It includes a resin and an Iso. The two liquid-based materials remain isolated until the spray gun trigger is pulled. This is necessary.

When the trigger of the polyurethane foam gun is pulled, the two liquid materials travel through the heated hose towards the nozzle. They combine within the gun and, with the trigger placed, the foam shoots out of the spray foam gun onto the surface. The material rapidly fills the cavity present, and within minutes fills the space.

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