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How Do You Use A Foaming Gun
Jan 11, 2018

How do you use a foaming gun when you use a foaming agent when you use a foaming agent? Some of the matters of attention must be understood.

1. Before using, the foam tank should be rolled up and down, at least a minute or so.

2, screw the tank into the adapter, but it can't be too tight.

3. When the ejector starts to operate, press the trigger and wait for the foam flow for ten minutes. After the foam is filled into the elongated tube, the excess air is driven away.

4. Fix the needle on the nozzle. When the flow control valve is newly used, the tank syringe must be kept upright.

5, control the output of the foam by adjusting the trigger and adjusting the screw with the flow rate. If the adjusting screw is screwed tightly, the trigger of the syringe is locked. At this point, do not turn over the three circles to release the adjusting screw.

6, when refueling tank must be fast, so as to avoid the bubble in the adapter for a long time to be hardened. 7, after the completion of the construction, it is necessary to quickly unload the material tank. Pour the cleaning agent into the foam gun adapter and pull the trigger to clean the foaming gun thoroughly. At the end of the front mouth foaming gun cleaning residue on, and use a brush or a long tube outside clean.

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