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What Are The Use Methods Of Hot Melt Glue Guns And The Maintenance Of Hot Melt Glue Guns?
Jul 20, 2017

What are the use methods of hot melt glue guns and the maintenance of hot melt glue guns?

Method for using hot melt glue gun

1. hot melt glue before use, please check whether the power supply power, whether the stent is ready; glue gun has been used to push the rubber is smooth.

2., hot melt gun use, plug in the power cord, preheat 5 minutes or until the bar is fully melted, glue gun is not used, please stand on the table.

3., to melt the glue bar, the glue gun nozzle alignment needs to glue parts, light press the trigger, let the glue flow out naturally.

4. after use, push the nozzle downwards and pull out the power plug.

5. never pull out the glue strip from the entry.

6., because the use of hot melt glue gun temperature is extremely high, can not be hand contact with the gun mouth and melting point.

Maintenance and maintenance of hot melt gun

1. please keep the surface of the hot-melt adhesive bar clean and prevent impurities from blocking the nozzle.

2. glue gun in the process of use, if not normal glue, please check the glue gun whether there is fever. If the glue gun can not be normal fever, the reason may be:

A and glue gun power is out of power;

B, glue gun, heater has burned out; if the glue gun heating normal, the reason may be: gun mouth because of impurities blocked, should ask professional personnel to deal with

3. glue gun in the tape did not run out, please try not to pull the bar from the glue gun, otherwise it may pour gum, affecting the speed of gum.

4. glue gun in the tape if the backflow occurs, it should immediately disconnect the power supply, stop using, until the professionals can use before maintenance.

5. if the glue gun is continuously heated for more than 15 minutes, please disconnect the power supply and increase the service life of the glue gun

6. avoid using hot melt guns in damp conditions, which may lead to electric shock. Non professional personnel can not remove hot melt glue guns.

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