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Four Advantages Of Barrel Dual-use Styrofoam
Nov 17, 2017

1. Construction flexibility, ready to change the barrel

Glue gun out of the first plastic foam, to extend the length of the meter; Hose shot out of post-foam, fill the gap filled, and can save the trouble of washing the gun. Huan Huan gun dual-use design good balance between the advantages of both, construction workers according to the specific circumstances of the project and the requirements of different, easy to switch between the gun and pipe to make the construction more flexible and efficient.

2 easy to learn, use habits zero change

Barrel dual-use design with gun thread cover, the use of easy to learn, customers do not need to change the habit of using the past, use them more smoothly.

3. Dealers reduce 50% inventory, turnover faster

On the one hand to meet the different needs of customers on the tube gun, dealers need to prepare both gun and tube Styrofoam inventory. On the other hand, frequent customer error list or dealer recorded the wrong case, greatly damaged the interests of dealers. Huan Huan dual-use barrel design is an effective solution to this problem, while reducing inventory dealer at the same time to avoid the risk of wrong order to improve turnover speed.

4. Small cargo damage, to overcome the common problem of tube easily broken

As we all know, tubular styrofoam superstructure in the transport process or warehouse code too high, often being crushed, crushing a bottle of plastic may cause a box of plastic can not be sold, to the dealer a lot of losses . Barrel dual-use design with gun thread ring cover, transport will not be crushed, thus reducing the cargo damage rate.

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