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Foaming Gun Is A Tool Used For Foaming And Plugging And Sealing Of Doors And Windows.
Sep 21, 2018

What is a foam gun?

Foaming gun is a tool used for foaming and plugging and sealing of doors and windows.

What is styrofoam and how to use it?

As the name implies, foam adhesive is a kind of adhesive with foaming and bonding properties, it is mainly used for building doors and windows edge joints, expansion joints and holes in the filling, sealing, bonding. It is based on moisture cured polyurethane elastomeric sealing foam material. Foaming adhesive is made up of polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst, crosslinking agent, etc. into high pressure iron tank, and filled with propane and other gases. It is divided into two types: gun type and tube type. The gun type needs a special polyurethane foaming gun to be used. The tube type is equipped with disposable rubber hose.

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