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Foam Gun User Manual
Feb 18, 2017

1. before use: foam tank and shake for 1 minute. 2. put the tank into the adapter (not too tight! ) 3. kicker starts work, pressure plate, bubble flow for 10 seconds. The foam into the extension tube. Drive out residual air. 4. fixation on the nozzle. 5. flow control device when new tanks syringes should remain erect. 6. bubble machine adjustment with flow adjusting screw for output control, if the adjustment screw screw, injector machine is locked do not loosen adjustment screws by turning more than three times. 7. replace tank tried to shake the new tank, remove the empty cans. Quickly (in less than a minute) with the new structural foam tanks. 8. tank must be designed to prevent bubbles in the hardened in the adapter. 9. If necessary, replace the needle of hardened foam caked. 10. when the cleaning foam gun, quickly removing the tank. The cleaner upside down spin to pull the trigger on the foam gun adapter for thorough cleansing. 11. the foam gun foam in your mouth before hardening of residues or the like to remove. Clear with a metal brush or knife long outside.