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Foam Crafts
Feb 18, 2017

One step foam: polyether or polyester polyols (white) and polyisocyanate (black), water, catalysts, surface active agents, foaming agents, other additive materials such as a step to join, under high speed stirring the mixture to foam. Step foaming technology is widely used in process. There are also manual foam method, that is the most convenient method, after all ingredients accurately weighed and placed in a container, and then immediately the raw material mix, can be injected into a mold or foam filling space. Note: when weighing must be polyisocyanate (black) finally called in. Rigid polyurethane foam to foam at room temperature, forming process is relatively simple. Classified according to the degree of mechanization of construction hand-blowing and foaming machine; classified according to the foam pressure high pressure foaming and low pressure foam; molding can be divided into pouring of foaming and spraying foam.