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Details Of The Use Of Foam Caulking Agents (precautions)
Oct 21, 2017

Details of the use of foam caulking agents (precautions)

A, before playing the polyurethane foam sealant and the door frame, it is best to spray some water on the wall, so fixed faster, small expansion force, stability.

B, the door must be fixed.

C, hit the polyurethane foam sealant from bottom to top, left to right fight. Because the polyurethane foam sealant has a certain effect, so when playing the polyurethane foam sealant when the muzzle to the side of the wall to play, do not hit the side of the door frame, playing polyurethane foam sealant as long as the fight Full of 50% of the full gap can be, and glue will slowly fill the gap, so that not only saves the polyurethane foam sealant, but also reduces the expansion force, but also to ensure that the depths of the gap can fully absorb moisture. The speed of the polyurethane foam sealant is preferably uniform and ensures that the door will not be swollen. Many customers reflect the door is bad to use the method is caused by improper use.

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