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Construction Technology Of Polyurethane Foaming Machine
Feb 18, 2017

The formation through foaming and curing of polyurethane foam in two stages. From black and white mixture start to foam volume expansion stops, a process known as a foam. Foaming process, the system releases a lot of reaction heat of hard polyurethane foam (PU) insulation material is by isocyanate reacts with polyols made of segments of a urethane polymer of repeating structural units. Due to its good insulation properties, excellent water resistance, widely used in external wall insulation, roof insulation, as well as cold storage, grain storage, archives, thermal insulation of pipes, doors and Windows and other special parts. Rigid polyurethane foam being applied to the roof and wall insulation, the main application form of composite panels, spray two kinds. United Kingdom in the early 60 's already applied rigid polyurethane foam wall and roof.