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Burn Gun Instructions
Sep 09, 2017

Foaming guns are foaming agents for doors and windows plugging and sealing tools.

1. Before use: the foam tank up and down for up to 1 minute.

2. Screw the can into the adapter (do not overtake it!)

3. When the injector starts to work, press down the board and let the foam flow for 10 seconds. The foam is filled with an extension tube. Drive out residual air.

4. Secure the needle to the nozzle.

5. Flow control device with a new time with a tank syringe should be kept erect.

6. The amount of foam output is adjusted by the board and controlled by the flow adjustment screw. If the adjustment screw is tightened, the syringe plate is locked. Do not turn it over three turns to release the adjustment screw.

7. Replace the tank when trying to shake the new tank, remove the empty cans. Quickly (within a minute) to install a new structure foam cans.

8. The tank must be fast enough to prevent the foam from hardening in the adapter.

9. Replace the needles to harden the foam.

10. When cleaning the gun, remove the tank quickly. Turn the cleaning agent upside down to the burner adapter and press the trigger for thorough cleaning.

11. Foam hardening residue on the front mouth of the foaming gun is removed by the faction or the like. Use a metal brush or knife to clear the outside of the long tube.

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