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Analysis Of The Matters Needing Attention In The Pressure-glue Gun Manufacturers
Feb 02, 2018

    The glass-glue gun is convenient for us to glue, but it is damaged prematurely because of not paying attention to it in the process of use. 

    1. The inlet air pressure of the connection should not be greater than 145psi.2. before removing the rubber gun, it is necessary to separate the pressure pipe from the rubber gun. 3. To operate smoothly, after each construction. Apply the solvent suggested by the sealant manufacturer to wipe out the original remaining sealant in the barrel. During construction, the plug at the front end of the barrel should always be closed. 5. after construction, please light up the glue gun. Be careful to damage the front cover and the back end muffler of the rubber gun .6. do not point the muzzle at the person .7.High pressure hose must not be forced to squeeze, bending, to prevent the impact on the normal operation of the rubber gun. 

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