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Winter glue gun construction precautions
Jan 07, 2018

Winter is the season of temperature is low, especially in the north, in addition to low temperature, and more rain and snow, and the dry air, so in this case, especially in the outdoor environment, impact on how our glue gun construction, small make up to discuss with you here.  

First of all, it is not suitable to play glue in some environments, such as when the temperature is less than 4 degrees Celsius. First, the temperature is too low, the glue and base material surface lubrication phase will be greatly reduced, moreover may be due to the substrate surface temperature factors not easily observed in fog and frost, if directly on the surface glue could affect the sealant cohesive to the base material. In addition, glue gun construction under the condition of low temperature, silicone sealant curing speed is more slowly than average temperatures, sealant in failed to meet seams change before curing, easy to cause the sealant surface uplift, crack, or affect the appearance of the sealant and sealing effect.