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Why do so many people do not know how to operate the glass glue gun?
Feb 04, 2018

    Many people do not know how to use the glass glue gun after buying the glass glue gun, "how to use the glass glue gun, how to put the glass glue gun into the glass glue gun" is the problem of the BBS. Not just because of the difficulty, but because we seldom study this product.

    Before entering this industry, I knew nothing about the glass glue gun. Because everybody has such a common disease, not often or from the product that does not use, won't expend energy to study its use and characteristic, the glass glue gun is one of these many products. It can be said that the glass glue gun is a kind of product that we ignore, the reason is ignored because it is not common, so it is relieved to think about it. Now that we have mentioned this problem, let's popularize the knowledge of the industry. We take a look at the glass glue gun how to use it, we must first understand oneself buy what kind of glass glue gun, glass glue gun can be divided into three categories, the air pressure gun, totally enclosed glue gun and semi-closed glue gun. Most of the market is semi-closed glue gun. Pressure glue gun, the pressure of the air compressor will be extruded; Fully enclosed glue gun is specially used for polyurethane glass glue; Semi-closed glue guns, with thumb down first back-end buckle, pull back with curved hook wire, as far as possible to pull in place, put the glass glue head (with mouth the head), make the rubber mouth part, then the whole rubber plug into, relax the thumb part, then squeeze is ok, sounds like is very simple.