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How many points should be paid attention to when the foaming agent is chosen?
Dec 27, 2017

Pressure glue gun manufacturers when decorate now, at the time of installation of doors and Windows, in later processing is well sealed, in order to get a better sealing effect, often used in a kind of hardware tools, that is foam gun.

Glue gun is a kind of glue (or rubber) tools, need to glue it is possible to use, widely used in building decoration, electronic appliances, automobile and auto parts, ships and container, etc. The pneumatic pressure rubber gun is driven by compressed air to push the base of the glue, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator and improve the working efficiency and the quality of glue. There is no need to connect the power supply, the general factory production line is equipped with compressed air source (via air pipe from the factory air pressure station or air compressor). If the pressure of air source work is too low, the pressure valve should be adjusted appropriately to improve the working pressure. The glue gun is not cleaned and the glue solidifies the passageway. At this time, the channel must be cleared. The viscosity of the adhesive is not suitable, if the viscosity is too large, the resistance increases, the glue is discontinuous or can't be able to make the glue, therefore, to choose the glue that meets the requirement.

In a word, this glue is in the home decorate in peacetime although small, but the place that USES is absolutely many, the role that plays also cannot be ignored.