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What kinds of hardware tools are there?
Sep 16, 2018

Speaking of hardware tools, I believe everyone knows something about them. How much do you know about the types of hardware tools? Now let our professionals explain to you, I hope it will help you.

Hardware tools are a kind of common goods in life. Hardware tools refer to metal materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, etc. are processed into various metal components after physical actions such as exercise, calendering, cutting and so on.

There are many kinds of hardware tools, according to our common divided into manual tools, power tools, hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools, diamond tools, measuring tools, welding tools, cutting tools, lifting tools, explosion-proof tools, labor protection tools and other categories. Manual tools are a classification of the hardware industry, generally in the decoration and daily life repair often used manual tools, such as changing a light bulb, making a shelf, dealing with raised nails and so on. Manual tools are divided into screwdriver, wrench, hammer, tape, wallpaper knife, electrical knife, saw, Rubber gun and so on.

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