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What is the effect of the extensibility of polyurethane foam rubber?
Jan 14, 2018

The use of polyurethane foaming adhesive has excellent performance in the safety of building and waterproof performance. With regard to its extended performance, there is a clear stipulation in the national building materials industry standard. The original text is as follows:

Polyurethane foam rubber if used as the integration of roof and wall waterproof insulation material, must satisfy the basic requirement of the elongation is more than 10%, ability assures to be used for environment, temperature changes, roof and wall of the drying shrinkage is wet bilge, winter freeze-thaw damage and waterproof layer fracture caused buildings foundation uneven settlement, the drum and crack. The polyurethane foaming adhesive can display its reliable waterproof function at the same time.

Only the extension rate meets the above national industry standard of polyurethane foaming adhesive to ensure the building winter and warm summer, the environment is comfortable, the roof is dripping water, the exterior wall never has the worry of the return tide.