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What is styrofoam? How to use the foam gun?
Sep 21, 2018

(1)Take the foam gun and clean it with polyurethane cleaning agent to ensure smooth flow.

(2) Remove the foam, hold the middle part of the tank tightly with your hand, shake forcefully along the lateral direction of the tank at least 15-30 times, make sure that the prepolymer in the tank is fully mixed;

(3) Remove the protective cover of the valve on the gun-type foam rubber thread ring, remove the cleaning agent from the foam gun, and load the foam agent tank body along the thread to the interface of the foam gun;

Hold the handle of the foaming gun tightly to ensure that the material tank is placed above, the foaming gun is below the material tank, and open the flow control valve at the rear of the foaming gun.

(5) the gun head is aligned at the bottom or inside of the filling part of the object, gently trigger the trigger and start construction. It can be adjusted to the appropriate flow rate through the flow adjustment valve behind the foam gun.

(6)After one can is sprayed, if it needs to be filled, the empty can be removed immediately, and the foaming agent is reloaded according to the method of point 3, and the construction is continued.

(7)After the completion of the construction, take off the tank in time, replace the special cleaning agent cleaning foam gun, so as to avoid the residual material solidification clogging damage foam gun.

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