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What happens if the glue goes into the eye
Jan 07, 2018

Often reading our site friends may find that our glue gun manufacturers are not only doing business, we are to help you with your heart, all kinds of life little common sense from soup to nuts, so I hope you can continue to support us. Today we will talk about what to do in case of an inadvertent use of glue.  

If glue the eyes, first should find a pot of cold water or find a faucet, flush the eyes, the specific method is to use forefinger and thumb separate upper and lower eyelids, then according to the judging whether the flip lid, and then upside down, to wash, water don't avoided eye and eye is too close, the water pressure is not too big. Rinsing is only to relieve the symptoms. After the rinse, the glue gun manufacturer recommends that the patient should seek medical treatment immediately. The doctor will take the next step according to the situation.