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The foaming glue is treated with good aftercare
Jan 09, 2018

Foam rubber is a kind of expansion joint seam is mainly used for building doors and Windows, components and holes of filling, sealing, bonding with glue, not only need to learn how to correct the construction in the use, not suitable to the construction site also want to learn to do clean-up, namely, we should not only can make styrofoam will clean up.

Foaming glue is very viscous, so if you have an unsatisfactory part of it, we need to use certain chemicals when we clean it up. First of all, we can use alcohol or acetone to clean up before the foaming gel solidifies. We can wet the cloth and gently wipe the improper construction site.

Second, for the already solidified foaming glue that can only use physical mechanical means, is can use the sand mill or cut method to remove.

In a lot of work, we need to master the full set of technology, the foaming glue is good and bad is very important, it is more important to finish well. The completion of a construction is not the success or not, but the perfection of the work, everything, from the beginning to the end.