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What are the features of the rubber gun
Jan 21, 2018

High quality zinc alloy handle, TPR rubber sheath, comfortable, shock resistant, durable. Advanced zinc alloy material push block, high quality cold rolled steel plate gun body, high strength, long life. Unique push rod lock device, easy to change silicone, easy to use.

The handle is unique to add cutting blade, convenient, saving power; The 360-degree gun body is suitable for small, corner and slot space. The wide voltage ac dc electronic ballast is used for 110~220V, which can be used in a variety of voltage situations and adverse voltage fluctuation environment. Light weight, stable structure, comfortable handle. No leakage, such as the pull of the trigger, the inside of the barrel push the seal glue, when relax trigger, push rod will quickly back, the sealant stop the flow immediately. The noise level of the test electric gun is less than 70 db; Portable toolbox; Controlling the flow rate of sealant, it is more convenient to operate.

Meet the requirement of glue gun at any time. When you don't want to glue, you never press a drop of glue. The push rod pulls out the push rod easily. Versatility, easy to convert and easy to convert.