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What about polyurethane foam gun?
Aug 12, 2018

1. Foaming gun, sealant, expandable glue gun, with acetone bubble, can play a role in softening the foam, dichloromethane can also, there is a simple method, simple but troublesome. Simple is finished with water cleaning, but must be careful.

2, polyurethane foam machine is a special equipment for foamed polyurethane foam. As long as the properties of polyurethane (isocyanate and polyether polyols) meet the prescription requirements. Through this equipment, uniform and qualified foam products can be produced. It is polyether polyols and polyisocyanates in the presence of foaming agents, catalysts, emulsifiers and other chemical additives, through chemical reaction foaming and made foam plastics. Polyurethane foaming machine can be used for automobile interior decoration, insulation wall spraying, insulation pipe manufacturing, bicycle and motorcycle seat sponge processing.

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