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Typical application of polyurethane foaming agent
May 31, 2017

Typical application of polyurethane foaming agent

Polyurethane foaming agent is a product of the combination of aerosol technology and polyurethane foam technology. There are two kinds of sponge appearance in charge type and gun type. Styrofoam used as foaming agent of microcellular foam plastics production, general physical and chemical type can be divided into two types, this is according to the gas production is the physical process (i.e. evaporation or sublimation), or chemical process (i.e. chemical damage or other chemical reaction to the division).


Door and window installation: the sealing, sealing and bonding between the door and window and the wall.

Advertising model: model, sand table production, panels repair.

The gap: soundproof silencing lab, studios and other decoration fill, can play a sound silencing.

Garden Landscaping: flower arrangement, gardening landscaping, light and beautiful.

Daily maintenance: voids, crevices, wall tiles, floor tiles, floor repairs.

Waterproof plugging: water pipes, sewers and other loopholes in the repair, plugging.

Packaging and transportation: it is easy to package valuable fragile goods, time-saving, quick, shock resistant, pressure resistant.

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