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There are several reasons for the surface oxidation of wire drawing machine?
Jan 01, 2018

If there is a different degree of oxidation on the single surface of the wire drawing machine then the problem is going to be checked up there, right? First to check the temperature of the seal chamber if more than 40 ℃ then the sealed up less than the cooling effect, it will do check cooling circulating water equipment is operating normally, the cooling effect is normal, thus ensure the monofilament after annealing temperature can be in a sealed chamber won't because of the high temperature in the presence of oxygen in the air. Second check coolant saponification liquid content, if not will be monofilament temperature rise is caused by oxidation. Finally, check the amount of cooling water pressure in the sealed chamber, if not normal also can make monofilament cannot achieve the effect of cooling, so regularly check whether the circulation water pressure is normal