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The use of foam filler
Jan 21, 2018

What is the correct way to use polyurethane foam filler? I'm going to tell you how much you've seen is definitely helpful. First, you should clean the areas you need to fill, and then spray them with a small amount of water mist. Second, in general, there is no problem in the construction operation within the range of zero to forty degrees. However, if you are working in a cold winter, you need to warm up the tank in a 30-degree environment so that it can be used. Third, after each construction, must use the special cleaner to clean the glue gun screw part, and the whole barrel also needs to be cleaned, otherwise the solidification will be blocked. Fourth, after the foam is fully solidified and then repaired and cut, it is important to note that the surface of the foam has a certain effect on the strength and seal of the foam. There is also the damage to the froth from ultraviolet radiation, which needs to be covered and coated. These small details in the actual construction process, can not be careless, otherwise will also directly affect its effect and service life.