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The top five tips for glue guns in use
Feb 18, 2018

The use of glue gun, there is a lot of attention and attention needs to be understood and followed, so that we can better finish the coating process. We're only going to introduce five of them today.

The best environment for construction. Glue gun contains volatile solvent, should keep air clear when construction, do not close to open fire or high temperature.

No. 2, coating surface requirements. It is necessary to properly handle the glue gun before use, including oil removal, rust removal, moisture removal and grinding, to keep the surface clean, dry and firm.

Third, apply glue. In order to prevent the rubber layer residual air, the brush should move in the same direction, which is beneficial to the exhaust of the air, but not too fast. The thinner the general rubber layer, the less the defect, the smaller the shrinkage, the higher the bonding strength. The adhesive layer should be thin and thick, and the thickness of the adhesive layer will result in the defects such as dry, sticky and foaming.

Fourth, let the wind chill. The purpose of air conditioning is to make the solvent evaporate, increase viscosity and promote solidification. After coating, the solvent must be evaporated. Do not glue immediately, so as not to be sticky or bubbling, resulting in a decrease in bonding quality.

Five, do the adhesion. Glue gun has a strong adhesive force, it must be sure to see the timing when it is glued together. After adhesion, press, hammer or roll pressure to remove air, dense rubber layer, improve bonding quality.

Believe that you've learned five great tricks that will make you a skilled plastic gun builder.