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The quality of polyurethane foam distinction
Jan 14, 2018

With the growing and mature of building materials market, polyurethane foam has become an indispensable part of many building materials members. Manufacturers and product brand many dazzling, how to choose in more and more rich in polyurethane foam rubber become cheap and fine products decorate a company and each topic to decorate the family members attention.

First of all, the quality of polyurethane foam is distinguished! There are many manufacturers in the market now producing and selling polyurethane foaming adhesive, but how can consumers differentiate its quality?

First of all, good foaming gel will be larger; Followed by strength elasticity, doors and Windows installation requirements elastic connection, currently on the market a lot of foam adhesive strength is very poor, elastic basically all have no, this will directly affect the construction of doors and Windows installation quality; In addition, it is suspended, sticky and suspended foaming glue can cause a lot of waste, and the foaming glue will be stuck in the cracks, and the weather will become colder and more obvious. There is also the density of bubble hole, and the density of the bubble hole also increases the strength of foaming gel. As well as the fast and slow curing and weathering, the performance of the good foaming glue and the hot weather is not too big, and some glue in the market may reduce the amount of foaming during the winter.