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A few tips to solve the pollution situation after using foaming glue
Jan 14, 2018

For pollution sources, we are going to in line with prevention is better than treatment, and do a good job in environmental assessment, use environmental protection material as far as possible, so as to decorate for safety. Although styrofoam is environmental protection product, but also can produce pollution, but is less. Because there is no absolute pollution-free glue in the world, the key is to plan ahead.

Such as design, according to the building area for the best material usage, forecast the environmental protection index, can effectively prevent the decoration pollution caused by inappropriate use materials. Brand decoration company design projects and designers will control the amount of decorating material, generally work out how much material will release harmful gases, if exceed the national standard, reasonable adjustment design scheme. In addition to these methods, after using the foaming glue, the right amount can put some green plants: the turtle back bamboo, can remove the harmful substances in the air; Golden heart crane, can purify air. This kind of plant has a lot of, might as well move house a few plants namely environmental protection also can make the room fresh and natural.