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The development trend of foaming gun manufacturers
Dec 31, 2017

In order to solve the problem of high failure rate of automatic card equipment, design a mechanism which can separate the card. For the choice of the ways of card separation, as a result of scratch CARDS separation method for high precision parts processing and assembly, not suitable for mass production, so the agency with the method of friction on the card separation.

The air pressure of the foaming gun manufacturer should not be greater than 145psi. Remove the glue gun before separating the air pressure pipe. To smooth operation, after each construction, apply the solvent used by the sealant manufacturer to remove the residual sealant in the barrel. The rubber gun is not allowed to be immersed in a solvent. In construction, the front end of the barrel should be tightly closed. After construction, please light the glue gun, carefully damage the front cover and the back end muffler.

Glass glue gun is a kind of sealing and sealing tool for the application of 310ML plastic bottled hard rubber - finger glass. Widely used in architectural decoration, electronic appliances, automobile and auto parts, shipping and container industries. Glass glue gun classification description: glass glue gun can be divided into manual glue gun, pneumatic glue gun, electric glue gun, three types.