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Small used methods for polyurethane foam gun
Feb 18, 2017

1, and take to a put polyurethane sent bubble gun, with polyurethane cleaning agent cleaning about ensure smooth; 2, and again take to a bottle sent bubble agent, with hand hold tank body Central, along tank body horizontal direction forced earthquake shake at least 20 Xia, must guarantee tank within pre poly real full mixed; 3, and removed foaming agent thread circle Shang valve of protection skin cover, removed sent bubble gun Shang of cleaning agent, along thread put foaming agent tank body loaded to sent bubble gun of interface Shang; 4, and hold sent bubble gunmen put, ensure material tank placed above, sent bubble gun in material tank of below, Open the back of the foam gun control valve; 5, head aligning objects to populate the bottom or inside, gently pull the trigger and begin construction. Through the flow valve mediation behind the foam gun, adjustments to the appropriate flow rate. 6, a can of spray after that, if you want to fill, immediately remove the empty cans, according to the third approach replacing the foaming agent, to proceed. 7, the construction has been completed, remove the tank and replace special cleaning agent for cleaning foam gun to avoid residual material curing plug damaged foam gun.