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Safe use of sealants
Feb 09, 2018

How can the sealant be used to ensure its safety and reliability? First of all, you must carry out field tests before construction, according to the construction environment and materials will be different, and then operate. First, pour the special mixing night into a clean container, slowly add a sealant, incessantly stir, Make it into a uniform paste, place it for three to five minutes, and continue stirring. Second, squeeze the mixing filler along the diagonal direction of the masonry, and squeeze the filler into the space we reserve, without leaving open space. Then scrape the excess material along the diagonal direction of the crevice, pay attention not to bring out the material in the crevice. Third, generally in 10 to 15 minutes, the sealant surface will dry, and gently draw a circle on the surface with a slightly wet cotton cloth. While pressing the sealant, the filler will look smooth and dense. 4th, after the sealant has dried out, wipe the masonry surface with clean cotton cloth and remove the residual filler. If the rough surface of the brick, the gap is too large, simply use black sealant to fill the seam, directly ticking, so as to reduce the labor intensity of masonry cleaning.