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Is there any way to fill the PVC pipe with a foam?
Sep 09, 2017

Polyurethane foaming agent Full name One-component polyurethane foam sealant, commonly known as foaming agent, styrofoam, PU sealant, English PU FOAM is the product of aerosol technology and polyurethane foam technology. It is a special urethane product that packs polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst and other components into pressure-resistant aerosol cans. When the material is sprayed from the aerosol can, the foamy polyurethane material swells rapidly and forms a foam with the moisture in the air or in the matrix in contact with it. Shake polyurethane foam sealant, for a wide range. With the former foam, high expansion, shrinkage and other advantages, and the strength of the foam is good, high adhesion after curing foam with caulking seal, heat insulation, sound absorption and other effects, is an environmentally friendly energy Easy to use building materials, can be applied to seal plugging, fill in the air filling, fixed bonding, insulation and noise, especially for steel or aluminum doors and windows and windows between the sealed plugging and waterproof.

Performance Description General dry time in about 10 minutes (room temperature 20 ℃ environment), the whole dry time with the ambient temperature and humidity are different, under normal circumstances, the summer dry time about 4-6 hours, the winter is about zero 24 hours or more to dry. Under normal conditions of use (and in the case of a coating on its appearance), it is estimated that the service life is not less than ten years, in the temperature range of -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ curing foam to maintain good flexibility and bonding force. The cured foam has the function of filling, bonding, sealing and so on. Another flame retardant polyurethane foam can achieve B and C-class flame retardant.


1, polyurethane foam sealant, high temperature, will flow, poor stability. Not as good as the performance of polyurethane rigid foam.


2, polyurethane foam sealant, foam speed is too slow, can not be a large area of construction, flatness can not control the poor quality of the bubble.

3, polyurethane foam sealant, expensive.

typical application:

Door and window installation: doors and windows and the wall between the sealing seal, fixed bond.

Advertising model: model, sand table production, display plate repair. Sound insulation muffler: language room, studio and other decoration when the gap to fill, you can play a noise muffler effect.

Gardening: flowers, gardening, light and beautiful.

Daily maintenance: holes, cracks, wall tiles, floor tiles, floor repair.

Waterproof plugging: water pipes, sewers and other loopholes in the repair, plugging.

Packaging transport: can be easily wrapped in precious and fragile goods, save time and fast, seismic pressure.

How to use: Before construction, should remove the construction surface of the oil and dust, and spray a small amount of water in the construction surface. Before use, shake the polyurethane foam tank for at least 60 seconds to ensure that the contents of the tank are even. If the use of gun-type polyurethane foam agent, the use of the tank will be inverted with the gun thread connection, turn open the flow valve, adjust the flow and then spray. If the use of tubular polyurethane foam agent, the plastic screwdriver, the plastic pipe at the gap, press the nozzle to spray. Attention to travel speed jet, usually the amount of injection to the required volume of half of the volume can be. Fill the vertical gap should be from bottom to top; fill the gap on the ceiling, due to the role of gravity, the uncured foam may fall, it is recommended just after the appropriate support, until the foam curing and with the wall after bonding And then evacuation support. 10 minutes or so, the foam debonding, 60 minutes after the cut. Cut the excess foam with a knife and apply it to the surface with cement mortar, paint or silicone. According to the new technology requirements of magnesium Jiaotou weighed foam agent, add 80 times the dilution of water into the bubble liquid; and then foaming machine will foam into the foam, and then in accordance with the established amount of foam will be added to the mixed even Magnesium cement slurry mixing evenly, and finally the foam magnesite slurry into the molding machine or mold molding can be.

Construction Notes: Polyurethane foaming tank can use the normal temperature of +5 ~ +40 ℃, the best use of temperature +18 ~ +25 ℃. Low temperature conditions, it is recommended that the goods in the +25 ~ +30 ℃ environment temperature 30 minutes and then use, to ensure its best performance. The temperature range after curing is -35 ° C to + 80 ° C.

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