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Preparation of foaming agent before construction.
Jan 21, 2018

Foaming agent is a kind of building material commonly used in decorating. In the process of use, it is necessary to pay attention to some things, otherwise it will not only affect the decoration quality, but also affect the appearance effect. Before preparing for the construction, we must clean the surface of the construction, clean up the oil and dust, and then sprinkle a small amount of water on the surface to wait for the construction. Always shake the foaming agent for one minute before using the foaming agent, so that the material in the foaming agent is shaken evenly. If you are using a gun type polyurethane foaming agent, you have to align the tank vertically and align it with the gun thread, then screw the flow valve out and adjust the amount of traffic you need to be directed at the jet. If you are using a tube polyurethane foaming agent, just aim the plastic nozzle at the valve thread and then spray the plastic pipe directly into the slot. It is important to note that only half the volume of the injection foaming agent is allowed, and the speed of the injection should be noted, not too fast. Filling direction also is to have cultured very much, the order of the vertical cracks generally from the bottom up, if this is the ceiling cracks, need to adopt support measures, because of the effect of gravity, bubble not curing will drop down, foaming agent, such as curing the later supports to evacuate. The last thing to note is that after an hour the foam starts to cut, cut off the exposed foam, and then brush on the surface, which looks good.