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Polyurethane anticorrosion insulation equipment stands unbeaten reasons
Feb 18, 2017

One, from scratch, from weak to strong and from small to large. Around the world, polyurethane industry in Western countries have already entered a period of maturity, in the innovation research and development stage; the Asian market is growing fast, many multinational chemical companies the business focus and research and development centers have been transferred to Asia, and even the Chinese market. Xu di polyurethane insulation and anticorrosion of equipment limited company is one of the backbone enterprises of China's polyurethane equipment, accumulated a wealth of knowledge through years of operation, has laid a solid foundation for the development. Second, innovation, quality is King. Polyurethane equipment in 2002, the company introduced ISO9001 quality management system, further standardized management, Xu di, there has been a qualitative leap. Xu di, by virtue of advanced technology, Seiko fine cut, to create a high-quality scientific and technological content of the high-tech polyurethane equipment, has won the trust and praise from customers at home and abroad.